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Lynn Boak, Attorney at Law, P.C. has been practicing tax law throughout the Untied States since 1988. She worked for the government from 1988 through 2006, and put her experience to use on behalf of individuals and businesses in 2007. An experienced tax law attorney, she works tirelessly with you and the tax authorities to resolve seemingly insurmountable tax problems. You need not stand alone in your fight against the IRS or state tax authorities. Our firm offers hands-on personal experience with financial accounting methodologies. Our attorney works hard to solve your tax collection headaches by constructing effective tax repayment strategies.

Our clients include individuals from all walks of life and various types of business and charitable entities. If the IRS issues you an assessment for nonpayment or short payment of income taxes, we can help you make arrangements for an installment payment plan, reduce the sum due or even have the assessment eliminated. An IRS levy can freeze your liquid assets, making it difficult for you to obtain necessities. If you are faced with a criminal investigation or receive a notice of intent to levy, it is essential that you take quick action. Contact us immediately so we can work to avoid a freeze of your bank accounts and other finances and garnishment of your wages.

We work aggressively to prevent or stop all incorrect tax collection attempts, including garnishment of wages, seizure of incomes and assets, liens, levies, and termination of tax payment installment agreements. Our attorney is experienced in appearing in Tax Court, dealing with the Appeals Division, and at dealing with the Collection Appeals Program hearings, and we pride ourselves on providing innovative legal representation to our tax clients. Attorney Lynn Boak is admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court and the IRS and can represent you in an appeal from any adverse IRS ruling.

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